Tuesday, May 17, 2011

By Jack and Anselmo

Dear Marta,

Today we are studing in a computer laboratory with de other students of this class.
First we had some difficulty to acess, but after the explanation we acessed with the teacher login/password. Now, we are writing this message for you. There are 13 students in class today, and Wilca is a auxiliar of teacher with the computers. In the laboratory, there is one machine for two students. It's a different class because it's a new way to learn english. Like the other class, this class started at 7:30 am and will finish at 8:45 am. At home, we will put our post card about a city that we visited. Anselmo will talk about the wonderfull Rio de Janeiro, and Jack will talk about los hermanos from Buenos Aires.

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  1. I think you enjoyed the class today, guys. Learning English is always fun and we have to explore all the possibilities available. Now I am looking forward to reading Jack's postcard about los hermanos in Buenos Aires! Go for it!!!