Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Dear Students,
Last class we started the lesson on Future Intentions, page 36. Don't forget to do the first exercise from the grammar spot box. This simple exercise will help you understand the difference between the use of GOING TO X WILL.
Next class will be super special: It's speech time!!! I am looking forward to hearing about the books you have read.
See you tomorrow!!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Posted by Anselmo

I visited my parents in Rio de Janeiro on april 20. I went by Brazilian Air Force plane, Embraer 145, from Air Base Brasília to Santos Dumont Airport. In this fligth the captain made a visual approach to runway 20. In this visual approach I saw the many importants places of the city like Penha Church, Maracanã, Cristo Redentor and Sugar Loaf.


Dear Marta,

Here in Jeriquaquara, we having a great time. The beaches are wonderful and food is delicius, there are many candy of fishes and much shrimp. Yesterday, we went on amazing ship tour of the beaches. Today we are going a exciting Jeep tour of the beaches. Did you have a good time in Itacaré? We hear that great views in this place.

See soon.



Article Claudine

Dear Marta,

We're on vacation in Orlando this week. Our hotel is very nice and confortable too.
The weather here is very nice. It is sunny every day.
The food is delicious, but is a lot expensive.
Yesterday we went to the amusement park and is was really fun.

See you soon

Claudine and family

By Jack and Anselmo

Dear Marta,

Today we are studing in a computer laboratory with de other students of this class.
First we had some difficulty to acess, but after the explanation we acessed with the teacher login/password. Now, we are writing this message for you. There are 13 students in class today, and Wilca is a auxiliar of teacher with the computers. In the laboratory, there is one machine for two students. It's a different class because it's a new way to learn english. Like the other class, this class started at 7:30 am and will finish at 8:45 am. At home, we will put our post card about a city that we visited. Anselmo will talk about the wonderfull Rio de Janeiro, and Jack will talk about los hermanos from Buenos Aires.

Dear Valdézia

I am in Paris, Montmatre boulevard having a nice trip, the weather is cold, but it is very good. I am staying in a simple Hotel in a interesting part of town next many great places.
The food is different from Brazil, but it is tasty, there are many restaurants here. Yesterday I visited some famous places and today, I am going to visit the Louvre Museun and Notredame Cathedral.
Well, see you soon,
Dear mother,

We are in Beijin. Finally, after five hours we are in Orient!!! I am very tired. The weather is cold with wind in spite of blue sky.
We are anxious to know the monuments of Beijin. I thind the tip is very nice. The hotel in Beijin is very nice. The accomodations is nice because the hotel is a new building. The hotel have is a good breakfast. The are many food. It is nice. I am going to enjoy breakfast because wich the food in Beijin is exotic. I think dont like.
Today we are going to visit Celestial Square and after the Great Wall.
The city is very noisy because the cars sound blow a horn evety time!!!
For while that's all. Afterwords, I write do more news.



A wonderfoul trip (posted by Mirtes)

Dear Martha,

Here we are in Germany having a great time. Our trip is amazing. The weather is very cold. It´s freezing! But, at least inside the hotel is warm. Our accomodations are very comfortable. The food here are delicious and we ate the best Indian food in the world yesterday. Tomorrow we will go to Fussen. This is the nice city where Neuschwanstein Castle stays. It´s so romantic trip because this castle was inspirations to Walt Disney make the Cinderela´s Castle.

We are loving everything.

See you soon,



Vocation in Fortaleza

Dear Maria,

I having a good time here in Fortaleza. The weather is great. It's warm, sunny and wet. I stayed an wonderful hotel, I don't need go out another beach. The ocean's hot water is delicius to go into the sea. I recommend it for you in your next vocation. Yesterday I went to "mercado central" an I bought beautiful sheet lace for you. I hope you enjoing.

See you soon.



Monday, May 16, 2011


Dear Carol,

I´m here in Paris having a excinting vacation. I´m staying in on wonderful hotel in Montmarthe. The hotel is great. Today the weather is warm and sunny, after breakfast I´m going to Louvre Museum, I´ll see the Monalisa!
Yesterday I had a luxurious time. I and Max, my husband, went to dinner the Le Jules Verne in Eiffel Tower. We had spectacular views of the Chamsp de Mars. Next week I´m going to Amsterdam.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Article by Fabio Pozzebom - Writing a postcard

Hello Charlie,

This morning we arrived in Barcelona, in it’s beautiful airport, El Prat.
The weather is very good, with the sun behind the clouds.
My wife Elina is soo exciting to knows Gaudi’s constructions. We will take many photographs, don’t woory.
The hotel stays near Sagrada Família Church, with it’s amazing arquiteture.
The food is very strange and we will eat pizza every day.
Today, in the afternoon, we will go walking in Las Ramblas – the best place to bay a nice gift, sayed Elina. Oh god!

Bye, we will write again

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Reading Time

Dear students, don't forget to read the text about the markets.
Where are these markets? If you could visit one of them, which one would you choose?

Mothers are God's best creation!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Nighthawks, Edward Hopper, 1942

Look at this famous painting. Discuss the questions in pairs.
Who painted it?
What time of day is it?
Where are the people? Who are they?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Good news about the textbook audio scripts!

Dear students,
I am happy to inform that you can download all listening scripts from the Oxford University Press site:

I would also like to encourage you to work on your American Headway Multi-ROM. Do you know what it is??? It's that beautiful orange CD that comes with your book! It's great for you to improve your English. It has listening exercises and other interesting activities.

Have a lovely weekend and don't forget to practice your English! Write a beautiful paragraph about one of your friends and do your wookbook exercises.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What's your star sign?

What characteriscs are typical for your sign?

Welcome to our class!

Dear Students,
This is a special place for us to share information about our classes or anything you find interesting. I am very happy to be your teacher and I hope we have a great semester together!